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The Moving Network (TMN) is an established archive document storage & retrieval company providing cost-effective and efficient off-site document storage and retrieval services to companies in Milton Keynes, Bucks, Beds, Herts & Northants.

Managing and storing archive, or legal bound, documents in-house is time consuming and expensive, both in man hours and valuable office space. Let The Moving Network (TMN) give you those back by providing a low-cost archiving service that still gives you quick and easy access to your business documents whenever you need them.

Our aim is to store and manage your document archiving in a way that you will find as efficient as having the documents in your own office. We will develop and maintain a close relationship with the person in your organisation responsible for organising your filing and systems.

Regain office space and productivity... retrieve important documents as and when you need them!

About The Moving Network

Guaranteed fast, efficient retrievals and collections when you need them.

Unlike the larger companies that store your records in large warehouses across the country, we store here at our premises in Buckinghamshire on your doorstep guaranteeing fast, efficient retreivals and collections when you need them.


  • TMN can provide you with new archive boxes so that you can start freeing up your time and space! Or, if your archive documents are already boxed, we can take them as they are.
  • Once  the boxes are filled, simply give them a unique reference number and we will come and collect them from you, leaving you free to do what you do best... your business.


  • Boxes are stored in a clean and secure storage facility on a bespoke racking system.
  • Each box is logged onto the computer system and allocated a specific space which will never change, ensuring boxes are never misplaced or lost.
  • Our racking system can accommodate boxes of varying sizes, drawing rolls etc., but it is most cost-effective when used with our standard size archive boxes.
  • Boxes of brochures or flyers can be palletised for your convenience.


  • Boxes are available for retrieval at your request.
  • Same Day, Next Day & Out of Hours delivery times are available.


  • TMN can destroy documents when they are no longer required and can offer confidential/non-confidential shredding.
  • Certificates of destruction are provided.


  • Our standard sized archive box is designed to suit most types of files and documents. The box is produced to a high specification using quality recycled cardboard.
  • They are delivered to you in space saving flat packed form with easy to follow assembly instructions. When made up it is 'double walled & double based' making it strong, reliable and durable.
  • Our standard archive box comes complete with attached lid and measures 405mm x 345mm x 260mm high.

Office Relocations, Furniture Disposal and Storage

Office Relocation
Furniture Disposal

Office Relocation:

The Moving Network (TMN) can co-ordinate your office relocation whether you are moving internally within your existing building, or to new premises further afield. With fully trained professional staff and specialist equipment, your relocation will be handled with the up-most care and attention to allow you to organise the other important aspects of your move, such as I.T. etc.

Furniture Disposal:

Updating your office furniture? We can collect and dispose of your old furniture and, where possible, donate it to charities and smaller businesses in need. We carry a waste disposal licence so be assured that everything will be taken care of, and disposed of in the right manner. We will always recycle where possible.


Downsizing your office space or need to de-clutter your store room? Why not consider storing unused furniture and other office items, which may be of use to you in the future, at our spacious, clean storage facility? You never know when it may come in handy!

House Removals, Clearances and Storage

House Removals

House Removals:

Take the worry out of moving your prized personal belongings by trusting your House Removal to us, and our experienced sister company, Woburn Sands Removals Co Ltd. Between us we have over 25 years of professional removals experience, with many repeat customers and a wealth of testimonials from happily settled families.



Can’t reach your bikes at the back of the garage, or the suitcases for your holiday in the loft? Or just want to have a little clear out before your move? TMN will take away your unwanted items and, where possible, recycle them or take them to charity. Where that is not possible we will dispose of them in the correct manner for you. We carry a full Waste Disposal Licence.


Our storage facility is the perfect place to keep your possessions if you are redecorating, renovating or even renting your property unfurnished while you travel the world! We will keep your items in secure containers which, once closed, will only be reopened on their return to you. One week…one year…one decade, it will be returned exactly the way it was stored however long you choose to keep it with us.

The established archive document storage & retrieval company, The Moving Network.

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Email: enquiries@themovingnetwork.com

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